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Company NameChicago Affordable Housing
Contact NameCamiren Dalrymple
Contact EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Contact Phone(574) 485-3371
Opportunity Name65 Buildings - 1,546 Units
Location of BusinessChicago IL
When was the business started?Miscellaneous Build Dates
What is the business most known for?Affordable housing on the South Shore
Who is/are owner/owners?Privately Held
Why sell the business?

Timing prior to Barrack Obama Center build

Are you looking to recapitalize the business by selling a majority stake to aggressively take the business to next level?Sell
Who will remain on the ownership level?N/A
Is the owner(s) planning to stay around? If so, what is their thinking?


What is the maturity level of the business?Post Revenue and Profitable
EBITDA or Profit for same periodSee Attached
Trailing 12 Month RevenueSee Attached
Trailing 12 Month EBITASee Attached
Any significant debt on the business?Yes
Why did the business start?

200% demand for housing vouchers

Why did the business start?

200% demand for housing vouchers

How did business get to where it is at?

New Obama library with solar initiatives

Aggregations or Organic growth?


Any tailwinds or headwinds facing business/sector?

Obama museum is coming with other local attractions

Sector insights from owner and what the opportunity going forward with new owner might look like?

Growth with favorable debt terms for 18 to 48 months

What is the unique story of business -- how is it different then their competition –what makes them better/worse?

65 Buildings in South Shore of Chicago

Date CreatedJanuary 3, 2023
Date UpdatedJanuary 3, 2023