Deal Exchange Overview

Private Equity Deals are information-dense which typically forces the opportunity to be a unpredictable process.

As deals continue to grow in quantity and transaction size, our goal is to create more collaborative, people-driven and equitable deals through our exclusive network.

We look to partner with market leaders with defensible positions and strong customer relationships. We seek businesses whose core strengths and opportunities align with our expertise and experience. In short, we look to invest in companies that we are uniquely positioned to help.

Dealflow sourcing is an integral part of private equity funds’ acquisition and deal-making process.

By tapping into dealflows that are not publicly listed, deal sourcing increases the number of potential opportunities for private equity funds to invest in and drives down the competition on deal-making.

Additionally, off market deal sourcing can benefit privately listed businesses by providing access to a larger selection of buyers who are better suited to meeting the needs of the transaction vs publicly advertised deals which often attract a deluge of unsolicited and unprepared bids.

Building relationships with key deal sourcers is essential to capitalizing on deal flows and gives funds exclusive access to opportunities that would otherwise remain unseen.

Why We Are Different

Our process that makes us a leader in acquisition placements:


We are a Privileged Business Opportunity Network. Meaning when deals are sourced you get exclusive access to the deals that align with your fund.


We value doing the right thing no matter what! With deal size getting bigger and more complex, it is important for all parties at the table to value integrity.


Through our industry experts and partners we have access to industry trends before they become main stream. Allowing us to take advantage of future plays, TODAY.


Communication, collaboration and performance. We are an experienced group that makes decisions as a team based on data and results. Our culture is defined on success.

Looking for a First Class Team of Opportunity Specialists?