John Jones


Metal Creations, Inc. is a full-service custom metal fabricator that began producing architectural metal products in 1981. Today we continue fabricating custom architectural, ornamental, and structural metal products in our 35,000 sq. ft. facility with over 30 well-experienced employees. The owners, Henry Borys and Fred Bappert, want to sell the firm and look forward to retirement.


Metal Creations Inc.



EBITA (Range)


Company General Business Specialty/Industry (Description: What does the company do)


We are very diverse in the scope of our projects, including:

Hotel Lobbies
Reception Desks
Conference Tables
Custom Home Interiors
Custom Professional Offices
Department Store Fixtures
Gourmet Kitchens
Monuments and Landmarks
Fine Furniture
Trade Show Exhibits
Lighting Fixtures
Outdoor Landscape
Fire Pits and Ovens
Merchandise Displays

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One location on Pulaski Road in Chicago

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