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Off Market Opportunities

Are you looking for private opportunities
sourced specifically for your firm?

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Business Acquisitions

We look forward to getting to know you
and helping you exit your company!

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Debt Origination Specialists

Decades of experience sourcing comprehensive
funding solutions for your business.

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Looking to be acquired? Our team can provide access to buying groups!

The Deal Exchange Group

Private equity deals occur when an investment deal takes place with capital that is not listed on a public exchange. Typically, private equity funds or investors invest in undervalued private entities and revamp them prior to becoming public companies.

*** Our goal is to provide exclusive deal flow to our network of investment funds. ***

Why Deal Exchange?
We are different.


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Person Finder Network
We help decision makers and business owners get their act together
before they talk to private equity.

Our Focus

Open Communication

In our experience, honest communication is a key tenet of investment and business success. We believe in proactive, consistent and frank dialog in all phases of the relationship.

Intellectual Curiosity

We are more than just a source of capital. We are genuinely interested in learning the dynamics of each business we support and in developing the deep understanding that underpins all successful strategies.

Partnering with Management

We view each investment as a true partnership with our portfolio company leadership teams. Success comes from collaboration, mutual respect and setting clear objectives.

Long Term View

We have a long-term investment horizon. We support decisions, strategies and investments to build a business for sustained success that extends far beyond our involvement.

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