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You don’t have to sacrifice liquidity to find the most optimal partner.

Selling your business can be anxiety producing as the process can be fraught with risk, pitfalls, and adversity. Trying to navigate the process alone, or with the wrong advisor, usually leads to heartache with sellers frequently settling on price, terms, or simply a broken process without a consummated transaction.

Our definition of success is finding a perfectly aligned partner who recognizes the true value of your opportunity. By partnering with Deal Exchange who specializes in your industry, our professionals are able to leverage their knowledge, connections, and transaction leadership skills to provide you with the best advice and insight on how to achieve your transactional goals. We work with clients to optimize the right process to include a carefully selected set of financial and strategic partners designed to maximize not only value, but ensure the best cultural, operational, and strategic fit.

We’ll be your advisor and guide, helping you through a smooth and thorough a process that has been refined over hundreds of transactions, and optimized for not only achieving maximum value, but doing so in the shortest period of time with the highest degree of confidentially and professionalism.


Our funds and connections are global.

All levels

We work with owners of any size.


Details remain private until ready.


Our team is always ready to communicate.

Who is Deal Exchange for?

Business Owners

The majority of deals are done between firms and family owners. We focus on the relationships that have built success for many 2nd and 3rd generation companies.

Upper Management

At times of emergency or transition we can bring partners in for carve outs, take overs or create strategic joint ventures for future success.


Occasionally we will work with primary investors or investor groups to buy out a business for rollup/merger purposes or to simply free up the cap table.


Most entrepreneurs or first time owners may not know the next step. We can aid them in where to start.

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