Jonathan Hunsaker


The company started on the back end of a very successful docuseries business. The docuseries company fed the leads to Organixx and so our customer acquisition costs were next to nothing. The owners of the docuseries company and Organixx chose to part ways and Jonathan took 100% ownership in Organixx in August 2018. The biggest challenge at this point was acquiring our own customers without the support of the docuseries. This has taken us several years to not only dial down our team to the perfect size, but also dial down our offers and product line to become profitable and now we are in the phase of scaling and growing.





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Our specialty with products, is that we use clean organic ingredients whenever possible, and unique formulations. Our major specialty is our ability to do online marketing and sell our unique products. We are manufacturing some of the cleanest and most effective supplements on the market. We have our products third-party tested for cleanliness, and we have spent a significant amount of time making sure our products are dialed in to exactly what the market wants. Clean products that they can trust, at a decent price point. With thousands of reviews and a wealth of feedback from our customers, we know we are doing it right.

We also specialize in team culture and lifestyle. We work 4 days a week and have a solid team with no turnover. We have a solid leadership team that has been with us for years. We prioritize our people and our customers and have created an incredible culture of health and wellness for our customers and team.

General Business Model and Market

B to C business with 80% of our sales coming directly though our website via email and affiliate marketing and 20% through Amazon. Our market is the 40 year old plus female, Whole Foods shopper that is focused on clean, organic living.

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I'd like to find a strategic partner that already has relationships in retail to expand there and relationships in manufacturing that can help us cut cost. We're really good at online marketing and I think there's great growth potential in retail like Whole Foods and Natural Grocers. As was mentioned previously, there are significant savings in manufacturing and/or larger product orders.

Final Standard Comments

We are excited to explore the possibilities and find a way to take Organixx to the next level. The potential with our product line is endless and we have a lot to offer. We need the relationships and connection to grow to that next level.