Brian Comstock


Overview: 3 y/o Health/Wellness Supplement Brand
TTM Revenue: $ $1,382,356, $510,393 SDE, $292,250 EBITDA
26% Return Customer Rate in the last quarter
14k Followers on SM & 6.5k Email Subscribers

Overview sheet here:


Scaling the ecom brand and expanding to other channels



EBITA (Range)


Company General Business Specialty/Industry (Description: What does the company do)


Supplements supporting: Health, Mood, Sex, Fitness

General Business Model and Market

Google ads to Website, Females mostly. 100% of sales from Shopify website. Zero Amazon presence or other channels.

Revenue Range Stratification (Product Lines/Service)

Available upon request – 50% of revenue from the Female Libido Boost product

Geographic Location(s) and Big Business Line Categories

Delivers to USA

Additional Summary Success/Growth/History “Details” Bullets i.e. Growth, track record, Growth Potential

See here:

Transition Plan

Team will stay in place to continue operations. Owner available to support transition.

Reason for Selling or Seeking Capital

Owner is a serial entrepreneur who has experience with Google ads and sourcing good products. He wants to purchase an apartment from his hard work with this business and shift to a different business which is more his passion: mental health.

Final Standard Comments

Friend of mine, can provide additional info as requested.