Brian Comstock


Overview: 6 y/o Digital Marketing Agency (LinkedIn Outreach Lead Gen for B2B)
Generated in 2021: $940k Revenue, $390k SDE, $220k EBITDA, 52% Revenue & Profit Growth Trailing 3 YR Average
$924k Trailing 12-Months Revenue. 20k Followers on SM & 4k Email Subscribers

Overview sheet here:


Upsell and cross sells serving B2B companies looking to grow



EBITA (Range)


Company General Business Specialty/Industry (Description: What does the company do)


B2B Lead generation via Linkedin and Email Cold Outreach generated qualified leads and appointments set for businesses looking to grow.

General Business Model and Market

$2000/month/account subscription model, 3-month expectation minimum for LinkedIn and Email Outreach serving several verticals including recruiting firms/agencies, IT/SaaS Consultants, Software, etc. Any business that has a relatively high purchase price to justify the cost of generating qualified appointments.

Revenue Range Stratification (Product Lines/Service)

100% Linkedin outreach. But it can mix on done for you, vs marketing and branding consulting, or some combination thereof.

Geographic Location(s) and Big Business Line Categories

100% online. Serving US clients.

Additional Summary Success/Growth/History “Details” Bullets i.e. Growth, track record, Growth Potential

Untapped Profit Centers
Email List (mostly unused in the past 2+ years with a few emails that generated sales calls each time. Last email sent approx. 6 months ago)
Answer/follow up with inbound phone calls
Follow up with leads that don’t book an appointment
Hire more sales reps (worked well in the past)
Generate new leads beyond outreach and social media
Add more SEO / Organic / Content
Expand offerings and upsell new and existing clients / increase average order value / lifetime customer value
Improve website lead throughput: e.g. Turn on LiveChat
Reengage past clients
Run paid advertising campaigns
Hire a social media/content manager to post content for additional leads.

Transition Plan

Owner is willing to consulting/advise for up to 2 years to help with the transition. Team already in place to handle operations.

Reason for Selling or Seeking Capital

Owner has been at it for 6+ years and has taken it to the level of his ability as an entrepreneur. Wants to shift his focus to crypto trading; his passion.

Final Standard Comments

Good friend of mine, more details available upon request. See buyer overview sheet above for more details.