Bobby Cardwell


We began in 2013 from an opportunity. Having always been the helper, I'm always looking for ways to support and improve people's lives. I was working as a freelance web developer when an opportunity landed in my lap to assist in developing an online event, a summit. Having a short live background in Chiropractic therapy, I thought this would be an excellent way to continue supporting the betterment of people's health on a much larger scale.

After a few of these summits, calls started coming in from others looking to replicate this model for their brands. Almost overnight HealthMeans (formerly Health Talks Online) was created.

We started from nothing and landed nearly a year's worth of business in 3 months. Since then, our team has grown from 4 to over 50 members, we have produced over 300 health and wellness events, and supported over 4.5 million unique individuals on their personal health journey.


HealthMeans (Wellthy Network, LLC)



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We are a tech and data company. We understand our role and embrace what we agree great at.

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